Student Textbook Features, Catholic

Student Textbook Program High School Level, Prototype & Production
Our Sunday Visitor, formerly Harcourt Religion Publishers
October 2011
visual design, collaboration

Project Details

Prototype Designer, High School Features (2010)

When I joined Our Sunday Visitor, their High School program prototype had already been designed. I was asked to design supplemental features to be used throughout the 8-book series. I worked closely with senior staff and advised on the best design solutions to include their content needs and design goals. Color palette, typefaces, and question boxes were taken from the established template.

Where are You? prototype feature

Honoring the Body feature prototype, Grade 9

Callings feature prototype, Grade 10. This feature had two instances of boilerplate text that turned into fun design elements: the quote in the upper right hand corner and the text along the bottom.

Faith, Media, & Me feature prototype, Grade 10. Vertical.

Faith, Media, & Me prototype feature, Grade 10. Horizontal.