Leveled Reader Supplements

8-page soft cover saddle-stitch books to supplement the Social Studies program in the New York market for readers that are below-level, on-level, and above-level.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
December 2008
visual design

Project Details

I was responsible for:

  • Design of Cover, Title Page, and Interior
  • Book themes
  • Keeping within budget using pre-owned photos/art wherever possible

The Sahara, Extra-Support Level, Grade 3

I used simple cut paper illustrations throughout, which leant itself well to the desert theme. The layout is simple and consistent for the lower reading level, using large spread images to keep the text at the top of the page while not looking static.

Jane Goodall, On-Level, Grade 3

I animal print textures to create framing devices to add color and interest to the pages. While these students were on level with their reading skills, tracking is still an issue at Grade 3. The spreads use the same basic layout on each page, but created a the frames and use of silhouetted images allows for each spread to feel different.

Brasília, Above-Level, Grade 3

The color scheme for this book was taken from the Brazilian flag, and the scalloped shape of the graphic used throughout was inspired by architecture found in Brazil.

Old New York City, Above-Level, Grade 4

I prevented this book from looking like the regular Social Studies program by adding little touches like drop caps and decorative graphics.