Allegretto Marketing Email

Marketing Email Template for Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres
TravelClick / Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres
November 2015
visual design, email development, testing

Project Details

My task was to design and code an html email template that was compatible across email clients. They wanted it to match their new website. I was happy to oblige, but pointed out possible pain points for the future. The banner portion also required some upkeep, and the 2 column section could not incorporate more text than in the sample without breaking the design. I provided a strict character count.

My Responsibilities

  • Design 1 marketing email template in Photoshop
  • Code design
  • Test & troubleshoot html in Litmus
Coded Marketing Email, Images On

Coded Marketing Email, Images Off

2017 Redesign

They re-designed their email, and asked that it be simplified. I did not code this version, I only supplied the design file. This version they can simply swap out the image and the text can run long.

Simplified Design Template, PSD