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Textbooks Africa Ebola Infographic

Project Summary

An 8-page booklet was created on behalf of TextbooksAfrica and shipped to Liberia during the 2014 Ebola Outbreak. Ideally, something like this could go online, but as of 2012 only 3.8% of the population had access to internet. A printed pamphlet would be far more effective.

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  • To create a visual guide with content accessible to the estimated 40% illiterate adults/children in Liberia
  • Lessen fears/stigma surrounding quarantine
  • Encourage safe removal and cremation over traditional burial practices
  • To be colorful and friendly

Research & Testing

I researched the Ebola virus, this particular outbreak, and the reactions of the people affected. Then I quickly developed, tested, learned from feedback, iterated, and repeated.

I hid the text before asking for feedback from volunteers. It was especially helpful when I was able to watch the reactions of the volunteers. I could see by their expression when they
struggled and ask pointed questions to discover the cause of their confusion. TextbooksAfrica sought feedback from medical professionals actively treating Ebola victims in Liberia.

Testing Results

A summary of testing feedback on the most problematic section and the final iteration for that section.

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